Sunway University

Description about Sunway University

Founded on the belief and understanding that higher education is vital to the progress of the country, Sunway University has stood as one of Malaysia’s foremost learning institutions since 1987.

Working closely in partnership with world-class institutions such as Lancaster University UK and Le Cordon Bleu International, the university offers premier education with International standards. The joint degree programme with the former grants students two academic scrolls, one from each university, while the partnership with the latter sees its international hospitality management and culinary management degrees accredited by the famed global institutions for culinary education.

The University has fostered ties with Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge in bilateral exchange of expertise and research. Sunway’s academic staff is an international blend of leading researchers and experts in the field.

To date, the University has drawn more than 26,000 students from over 90 countries to its vibrant, 880,000-square-feet campus.